STAR Galaxy (Before/After School Program)

STAR Galaxy offers a balance of academic support, enrichment classes, fitness and recreation programs as well as special events on campus, community events and activities. It's a recipe for a balanced childhood and a preparation for future success!

STAR Nova (After School Enrichment)

The STAR NOVA program offers a specific selection of educational, recreational and enrichment programs, with classes that take place once or twice a week on school campuses. These exciting classes allow for an individualized approach tailored to the specific needs and interests of each student.

STAR Preschool

STAR Preschool provides caring and nurturing environments combined with curriculum that offers children a variety of rich experiences to enhance their knowledge and appreciation of the world around them.

STAR Camps

Summer Camp may be STAR's biggest attraction, but STAR also offers camps all year round! Whenever there is a break from school during Winter, Spring or Fall, we have a camp for every season!